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    • Chicken Leg Plush Toy is perfect to keep your dog entertained and busy for hours.
    • It keeps them away from chewing your furniture, slippers, socks etc. by channelizing their energy/anxiety to the toy.
    • This toy is made with superior quality plush cloth which is safe for the pet as well as easy to wash.
    • This is a double layered toy: the upper layer made with plush cloth and the inner layer made with woolen fleece.
    • The Chicken Leg Plush Toy has a polyester fibre filling.
    • This toy is great for tugging, chewing and fetching.
    • It is literally non-destructible and very durable.
    • The toy is non-irritating on gums.


    Guidelines for Pet Parents:

    You are advised to observe your dog’s behavior with every toy to assess suitability. Some toys may not be appropriate for your pet. Please use your judgment. Kindly replace your pet’s toys when they get damaged.

    Chicken leg toy

    SKU: ty001
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